Deviations of +/- 5% are possible due to test conditions. Mercedes-AMG G 63 BRABUS 800 (2020) – Interior and Exterior . The BRABUS logos in the fender attachments behind the front flares light up at the same time. 2019 Yeni Kasa Mercedes-AMG G63 üzerinde gerçekleştirilen bu modifiye çalışması ile yeni nesil G serileri … The cookies are used by the provider coveto ATS GmbH. Images are only for illustration purposes. The forged BRABUS Monoblock F "BLACK PLATINUM Special Edition" alloys are painted high-gloss black to match their name and are fitted with a "BLACK PLATINUM" badge on the outer flange. In this context, we are sending collected information for your use of our website for advertisements and analytics. The top speed is electronically limited to 240 km/h (149 mph). BRABUS presents style for individualists.The extravagant BRABUS fine leather styles impress with exclusivity, endless colour and material combinations and outstanding quality. The figures do not refer to an individual vehicle and are not part of the offer, but are solely intended for comparison between different vehicle models. The tuned engine produces significantly more torque: An added 150 Nm (111 lb-ft) mean a proud 1,000 Nm (737 lb-ft) at a low 3,600 rpm. These necessary cookies are by any means required for the running of the website and allow for example system- and safety relevant functions, functions of a shopping cart and the basic storing of the allowed cookie settings. ): 299 g/km* CO₂ Efficiency Rating: F. Viewings only after prior arrangement. Outputting 588 kW / 800 hp and 1,420 Nm instead of the standard-spec 450 kW / 612 hp the G65 can sprint 0-62 mph in just 4.2 second. BRABUS 800 Limited Edition BLACK OPS -"1 of 10" BRABUS 800 ; BRABUS Classic @ Techno Classica Essen; Zero G Event by World Club Dome - VIP Shuttle Service @ Frankfurt Airport; BRABUS Signature Pieces Spring 2019; Best Brand 2019 Brabus 800 Black OPS: Test, Motor, Preis, G-Klasse, SUV — 24.09.2019. The nine-speed automatic transmission can optionally be shifted manually with the ergonomic BRABUS RACE aluminum paddle shifters on the steering wheel. supercar pairs game . Data name: BRABUS 800 SHADOW based on G63 (40) Data Size: 883 KB: Data Type: jpg: Dimension: 7360x4912: Last Modified: 2020-07-28 15:14:40 BRABUS GmbH Brabus-Allee D-46240 Bottrop, Germany Phone: +49 20 41 777-0 Fax: +49 2041 / 777-11 eMail: AG Gelsenkirchen HRB 5286 GF/CEO Constantin Buschmann BRABUS FlagshipStore KÖ90 Königsallee 90 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany Phone: +49 211 210916-00 The Brabus Rocket accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph)in 3.7 seconds, 23.8 seconds to 300 km/h (186 mph) and has a top speed of 370 km/h (230 mph). Nomen est omen and consequently the new BRABUS 800 WIDESTAR is powered by a four-liter eight-cylinder twin-turbo engine that produces a peak output of 588 kW / 800 hp (789 bhp) and a peak torque of 1,000 Nm (737 lb-ft). The top speed is … It not only optimizes the performance, but thanks to it actively controlled exhaust flaps, it also features an integrated sound management, which allows the driver to choose between the subtle "Coming Home“ mode and the markedly sporty V8 sound in "Sport" mode. BRABUS GmbH The BRABUS 800 engine produces 588 kW / 800 hp (788 bhp) / at a low 5,500 rpm and an even more impressive peak torque of 1,420 Nm (1,047 lb … Cookies are used to guarantee the technical functionality of the offer. 13 Brabus G-Class for sale Mostly known for their tunings and upgrades, Brabus is an expert in turning good into great. The size 11Jx23 wheels come in four different BRABUS designs. Google Maps is run by Google LLC. Their collaborations with automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Tesla or Ferrari lead to truly exceptional pieces, however not everyone knows that Brabus also put efforts to produce their own vehicles from the scratch. Nothing is impossible: From the floor and trunk in quilted leather to the alcantara starry sky – the combinations are endless. Be inspired by worldwide influences and discover our Santorini Style, the Capetown Style and the Upper-East Side Style. Brabus, 2019 Cenevre otomobil fuarına yine damga vurdu. Engine: V8, 4.0 L, 800 Hp, 1000 Nm. * Determined based on the measured CO2 emissions in consideration of the vehicle mass. You can freely choose the categories, you want to allow. On the career site, you will always find the latest career offers. $59.29 * sweatshirt black . 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany *** Torque was electronically controlled. Power 588 kW / 800 hp | Torque 1000* Nm | 0-100 km/h 4.1 s | Vmax 240 km/h / 149 mphFuel Economy* city 16,5 l/100km | highway 11,1 l/100km | combined 13,1 l/100km | CO2 299 g/km. * All stated driving performance figures are approximate values. The BRABUS 800 based on the new Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ celebrates its world premiere at the Top Marques Monaco 2019. Pour les nostalgiques du Mercedes-AMG G65 , qui n'a pas survécu à la nouvelle "génération" de Classe G, Brabus a la solution. G 63 AMG BRABUS 800. Bu büyük etkinlik için birçok araç hazırladı ve bunlardan birisi de Brabus 800 Widestar çalışmasıydı. Mercedes-Benz yeni G-Seriniz için ihtiyaçlarınıza mükemmel bir biçimde uyarlanmış geniş bir opsiyon ve hizmet çeşitliliği ile en iyi teklifleri sunmaktadır. Subject to technical modifications without notice. Königsallee 90 However, the BRABUS 800 WIDESTAR fascinates not only with its driving dynamics, but also with its extravagant BRABUS WIDESTAR widebody version in combination with the 23-inch BRABUS "Platinum Edition" Monoblock hi-tech forged wheels. The high-performance tires  are supplied by BRABUS technology partners Continental, Pirelli or YOKOHAMA. Brabus 800 Adventure XLP adı verilen araç, önümüzdeki ay Cenevre’de sergilenecek. Eight hundred horsepower, a peak torque of 1,000 Nm (737 lb-ft), 2.9 seconds from rest to 100 km/h (62 mph). Cenevre Otomobil Fuarı'nın iptali, merakla beklenen Brabus 800 Adventure XLP'nin alıcılar ile buluşmasına engel oldu. GF/CEO Constantin Buschmann The most exclusive option for the WIDESTAR version features 23-inch BRABUS Monoblock "Platinum Edition" forged wheels, which offer a perfect mix of lightweight construction and tremendous strength. Every supercar is a custom production and tailored to your preferences. $41.29 * brabus 700 widestar designo 1:18 . HRB 5286 Details of performance upgrades and/or performance kits are average values. Brabus'un yeni G-Serisi üzerine hazırladığı birkaç versiyondan biri olan 800 beygirlik bu seçenek, Brabus Widestar 800 olarak adlandırılıyor. Phone: +49 20 41 777-0 This includes Cookies, that are necessary, to guarantee a faultless functioning of the website, as well as cookies, that are exclusively used for statistical purposes, for more comfortable website settings or personalized content. [GÜNCELLEME, 6 Mart] Hemen aşağıya Motor1'in uluslararası ekibinin bu araç ile Cenevre Otomobil Fuarı 2019'da çektiği kısa bir video eklendi. BRABUS entrance panels in RGD-LED-technology. Damit erzielt der Off Roader Fahrleistungen, die für ein Automobil dieser Gattung absolut außergewöhnlich sind: In nur 4,1 Sekunden katapultiert sich das Allradfahrzeug aus dem … They depend on vehicle-specific details such as the vehicle model, equipment, curb weight, final-drive ratio, tire/wheel combination, transmission design and aerodynamic equipment of the individual vehicle. D-46240 Bottrop, Germany Please contact us to compose your personal configuration. NEW MERCEDES BENZ G 63 AMG BRABUS 800 WIDESTAR Color: Nardo Grey special Painting Upholstery: Fine Leather Injoy Blue Wheels: BRABUS 24 Monoblock Z - glossy black - OPTIONS: A20 AMG RIDE CONTROL JS1 360° camera (SURROUND VIEW) L57 MULTIBEAM LED A53 Active lane keeping Assist B24 Remote control for auxiliary heater BB3 Electronic Stability Program ESP BS1 … AG Gelsenkirchen Top Speed: 240 km/h The wider fenders also create space for extremely large wheels and tires. You can find further information on Privacy Statement. Toplam uzunluğu ise lüks SUV’dan 70 cm daha fazla. BRABUS GmbH Brabus-Allee D-46240 Bottrop, Germany Phone: +49 20 41 777-0 Fax: +49 2041 / 777-11 eMail: AG Gelsenkirchen HRB 5286 GF/CEO Constantin Buschmann BRABUS FlagshipStore KÖ90 Königsallee 90 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany Phone: +49 211 210916-00 For illustrative purposes on this supercar: BRABUS Cape Town Style fine leather interior, colour: Cuoio, seams and tuck: black consisting of: 2 front seats with headrests, rear seat bench incl. Dicker geht's nicht. The installation of the BRABUS stainless-steel sport exhaust system is advisable not only for the BRABUS 800 WIDESTAR supercar, but also for all stock G 63 AMG models. BRABUS offers owners of the widebody version a broad range of tailor-made wheel/tire combinations with diameters from 20 to 23 inches. We are using Cookies and similar technologies, to allow you to have the best possible website experience. ): 13.1 l/100 km* CO₂ Emissions (comb. G class W-463AのBRABUS(ブラバス)チューニングパーツ情報 BRABUS ( ブラバス ) パーツ日本総輸入元 株式会社 エクゼ Tel:06-6730-7705/Fax : 06-6730-7725 Saves a version of the cookies as hash, so that the CookieLayer will not show up again, or so that the CookieLayer will show up again, if cookies were changed. Please notice, that based on your settings, it is possible, that you do not have access to the whole functionality of the website. Phone: +49 211 210916-00, Power: 588 kW (800 hp ) - series: 430 kW (585 hp), BRABUS WIDESTAR consisting of: front skirt with design underride element, rear skirt with design underride element ,front and rear fender flares (front with integrated LED-illumination), BRABUS engine bonnet add-on in glossy carbon fibre, BRABUS roof top add-on with LED beam ligts in glossy carbon fibre, BRABUS spare wheel cover in glossy carbon fibre, BRABUS emblem for radiator grille illuminated, BRABUS special painting of various plastic and chrome parts exterior, BRABUS additional limiting strap for rear doors aperture of 90°, BRABUS valve-controlled sports exhaust system. BRABUS 800. The stated figures were determined in accordance with the prescribed measuring method (Directive 80/1268/EEC in the currently valid version). $141.57 * recommended products. BRABUS 800 Adventure XLP based on the Mercedes G 63 AMG: city 16.7 l/100 km, highway 13.8 l/100 km, combined: 14.5 l/100 km. $295.24 * To continuously develop our offers and our website, we record anonymous data for statistics and analytics in Google Analytics. Mercedes-AMG G 63 BRABUS 800 (2020) – Interior and Exterior, 0-100 (km/h): 4.1 s Most of you surely remember the Mercedes-AMG G 63 6×6 and the more recent Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4². $141.53 * bomber jacket `g 900` $566.28 * hooded sweatshirt g 900 . 5.31 metre uzunluğa sahip olan Brabus 800 Adventure XLP, baz aldığı AMG G63’e kıyasla 50 cm daha fazla aks mesafesine sahip. Used for the throttling of the request rate, Used to save the preferred personal settings, Saves the language version chosen by the user. Hello my friends and welcome to my YouTube channel! BRABUS FlagshipStore KÖ90

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